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Serial Number


2 - 1962 model year

63 - Model Series.  See table below

S - Assembly Plant.  See table below

X - Engine Code.  See table below

100001 - Consecutive number at that assembly plant.  The first vehicle built at each plant is 100001.


Assembly Plant


Plant Location

A Atlanta, Georgia
D Dallas, Texas
E Mahwah, New Jersey
G Chicago, Illinois
J Los Angeles, California
N Norfolk, Virginia
P Twin Cities, Minnesota
R San Jose, California
S Pilot Plant
U Louisville, Kentucky
W Wayne, Michigan


Model Series



51 Galaxie Club Sedan
52 Galaxie Town Sedan
61 Galaxie 500 Club Sedan
62 Galaxie 500 Town Sedan
63 Galaxie 500 Club Victoria
64 Galaxie 500 Town Victoria
65 Galaxie 500 Sunliner
67 Galaxie 500/XL Club Victoria
69 Galaxie 500/XL Sunliner
71 Ranch Wagon
72 Country Sedan 6 passenger
74 Country Sedan 9 passenger
76 Country Squire 6 passenger
78 Country Squire 9 passenger


Engine codes



B 8-Cylinder 406 Cubic Inch 4-barrel High Performance
G 8-Cylinder 406 Cubic Inch 6-barrel (3 deuces) 405 hp
M 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch 6-barrel (3 deuces) High Performance  401 hp
Q 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch 4-barrel High Performance  375 hp
R 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch 4-barrel Low Compression Export, 84 Octane
T 8 Cylinder 292 Cubic Inch 2-barrel Low Compression Export, 84 Octane
V 6-Cylinder 223 Cubic Inch    138 hp
W 8-Cylinder 292 Cubic Inch 2-barrel  170 hp
X 8-Cylinder 352 Cubic Inch 2-barrel  220 hp
Z 8-Cylinder 390 Cubic Inch 4-barrel  300 hp


Body Codes                                                                               

Galaxie Club Sedan                       2 dr sedan        62B
Galaxie Town Sedan                     4 dr sedan 54B
Galaxie 500 Club Sedan                2 dr sedan 62A
Galaxie 500 Town Sedan              4 dr sedan   54A
Galaxie 500 Club Victoria             2 dr hardtop 65A
Galaxie 500 Town Victoria            4 dr hardtop 75A
Galaxie 500 Sunliner                      2 dr conv. 76A
Galaxie 500/XL Club Victoria        2 dr hardtop 65B
Galaxie 500/XL Sunliner                2 dr conv. 76B
Ranch Wagon  6 Passenger            4 dr SW 71D
Country Sedan 6 Passenger            4 dr SW 71B
Country Sedan 9 Passenger            4 dr SW 71C
Country Squire 6 Passenger            4 dr SW 71E
Country Squire 9 Passenger            4 dr SW 71A


Color Codes

A 1724 Black Raven Black
B 1613 Turquoise Peacock Blue
D 1451 Medium Turquoise Metallic Ming Green
E 1448 Medium Blue Metallic Viking Blue
F 1449 Light Blue Baffin Blue
H 1447 Dark Blue Metallic Oxford Blue
I 1459 Gold Metallic Castilian Gold
J 1515 Red Rangoon Red
M 1238 White Corinthian White
P 1454 Medium Green Metallic Silver Moss
Q 1371 Light Gray Metallic Silver Gray
R 1456 Yellow Tucson Yellow
T 1543 Honey Beige Sandshell Beige
V 1470 Chestnut Metallic Chestnut
X 1444 Maroon Metallic Heritage Burgundy
Z 1427 Beige Metallic Fieldstone Tan
* If a special paint is used, the paint color space will not be stamped.
A car with a two tone paint scheme will have two color letters on the patent plate. The first letter is the lower body color, the second letter is the upper body color.
In most cases the lower body color determines trim color choices.


Trim Codes     

Trim Code

Trim Scheme

12 Blue Venice Fabric & Vinyl
13 Green Venice Fabric & Vinyl
14 Beige Venice Fabric & Vinyl
15 Red Venice Fabric & black Vinyl
16 Black Venice Fabric & Black Vinyl
17 Turquoise Venice Fabric & Vinyl
19 Chestnut Venice Fabric & Vinyl
21 Gray Basket Fabric & Vinyl
22 Blue Basket Fabric & Vinyl
23 Green Basket Fabric & Vinyl
24 Beige Basket Fabric & Vinyl
25 Red Basket Fabric & Vinyl
27 Turquoise Basket Fabric & Vinyl
32 Blue Crush - All Vinyl
34 Beige Crush - All Vinyl
35 Red Crush - All Vinyl
37 Turquoise - All Vinyl
39 Chestnut Crush - All Vinyl
45 Red Venice Fabric & Red Vinyl
54 Beige Steerhead - All Vinyl
56 Black Crush - All Vinyl
62 Blue Thong Plastic & Vinyl
63 Green Thong Plastic & Vinyl
72 Blue Pogo Stick Plastic & Vinyl
73 Green Pogo Stick Plastic & Vinyl
74 Beige Pogo Stick Plastic & Vinyl
75 Red Pogo Stick Plastic & Vinyl
77 Turquoise Pogo Stick Plastic & Vinyl
82 Blue Pleated - All Vinyl
84 Pearl Beige - All Vinyl
85 Red Pleated - All Vinyl
86 Black Pleated - All Vinyl
87 Torquoise Pleated - All Vinyl
88 Gold Star Lustre Pleated - All Vinyl
89 Chestnut Pleated - All Vinyl

Galaxie 500 Sunliner and Galaxie 500XL Sunliner Top Material

Galaxie 500XL Sunliner (Trim Numbers 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, and 89)

Galaxie 500XL Club Victoria (Trim Numbers 82, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, and 89)

Galaxie 500 Sunliner (Trim Numbers 32, 34, and 37)

Galaxie 500 Sedans and Victorias - 2 and 4 Door (Trim Numbers 32, 35, 39, and 56)

Galaxie 500 Sedans and Victorias - 2 and 4 Doors (Trim Number 34)

Galaxie Sedans - 2 and 4 Door (Trim Numbers 21,22, and 23)

Galaxie Sedans - 2 and 4 Door (Trim Numbers 24,25, and 27)

Country Squire - 6 and 9 Passenger (Trim Numbers 12, 14, 17, and 45)

Country Squire - 6 and 9 Passenger (Trim Numbers 32, 34, and 35)

Country Sedans - 6 and 9 Passenger (Trim Numbers 73, 74, 75, and 77)

Country Sedans - 6 and 9 Passenger (Trim Number 85)

Fordor Ranch Wagon (Trim Number 54)

Fordor Ranch Wagon (Trim Numbers 62 and 65)


Trim Code Photos

Photos of nice correct interiors needed to complete this listing - Thank you
Email them to

As the Registry gets good photos of correct trim they will be posted here.  Our objective is to show examples of each trim code, front and rear seats, and door panels.

Trim Code 14 Beige Venice Fabric & Vinyl from Registry number 191.




Trim Code 16 Black Venice Fabric and Black Vinyl from Registry number 77.




Trim Code 32 Blue Crush - All vinyl from Registry number 29.




Trim Code 34 Beige Crush - All Vinyl submitted by Verdie Nelson.  Verdie's Galaxie is Registry number 204




Trim Code 35 Red Crush - All Vinyl.




Trim Code 35A Red Crush - All Vinyl.  Notice the difference in the silver beading between code 35 and 35A.




Trim Code 39 Chestnut Crush - All Vinyl.  From Registry entry number 82 and 102




Trim Code 45 Red Venice Fabric & Vinyl submitted by Bill Konen 48.




Trim Code 86 Black - All Vinyl from Registry number 48.




Trim Code 87 Torquoise Pleated - All Vinyl from Registry number 282.




Trim Code 88 Gold Star Lustre submitted by Joe Abela.  Joe's Galaxie is Registry number 171
Note the dark green dash pad.





 Date Codes     

Month Code* Code*
January A N
February B P
March C Q
April D R
May E S
June F T
July G U
August H V
September J W
October K X
November L Y
December M Z

  *The Date code letter is preceded by a number, the day of the month the car was completed or scheduled for completion.

    1962 model year production began in mid-August 1961.  Date code 21H is August 21, 1961. 


DSO Codes, District Sales Office / Domestic Special Order.  The two digit codes listed below are District Sales Office or Region Codes.  There are others.  This list has been condensed to those applicable to the 1962 Fords. On a typical 1962 build sheet these are printed in a field labeled REGION DISTRICT.  Next to that is a field labeled DSO/FSO/PAO for Domestic Special Order, Foreign Special Order or Pre Approved Special Order.

I have tried to be accurate with this information, however, please consider this as a guideline to 1962 DSO codes.  There are omissions and human error factors involved in the stamping of DSO numbers on the patent plates and these resulted in inconsistencies in the data on the plates.   

11 Boston, Mass.
12 Buffalo N. Y. 60 - 66 and 70
13 New York, N.Y.
14 Pittsburgh, Pa. 60 - 66 and 73
15 Newark, N.J.
16 Philadelphia, Pa.
17 Washington, D. C.
21 Atlanta, Ga.
22 Charlotte, N. C.
23 Philadelphia, Pa.
24 Jacksonville, Fla.
25 Richmond, Va.
27 Cincinnati, Oh.
28 Louisville, Ky.
31 Cincinnati, Oh.
32 Cleveland, Ohio 60 - 71
33 Detroit, Mi.
34 Indianapolis, In
35 Lansing, Mi.
36 Louisville, Ky
41 Chicago, Ill.
42 Fargo, N. D. 60 – 71
43 Rockford, Ill. 60 – 73
44 Twin Cities, Mn 60 – 73
45 Davenport, Ia. 60 – 73
51 Denver, Colo. 60 – 71
52 Des Moines, Ia. 60 – 71
53 Kansas City, Mo.
54 Omaha, Neb.
55 St. Louis, Mo.
61 Dallas, Tx. 60 – 71
62 Houston, Tx 60 – 71
63 Memphis, Tenn. 60 – 71
64 New Orleans, La. 60 – 71
65 Oklahoma City, Ok.
71 Los Angeles, Ca.
72 San Jose, Ca.
73 Salt Lake City, Utah.
74 Seattle, Wash.
75 Phoenix, Az.
81 Ford Of Canada
83 U. S. Government
84 Ford Motor Co. Home Office reserve
85 American Red Cross
89 Ford Motor Co. Transportation Services
90 through 99 Export from the U. S.

I have seen warnings about claims that cars with a DSO code of 84 were special factory experimental or other extremely rare or one of a kind special factory cars.  In fact, cars with DSO of 84 could be cars that were for Ford Motor Company personnel and have no rarity at all.

The “DSO” can mean two things, District Sales Office, as listed above, or Domestic Special Order.

DSO codes have been stamped into truck Patent Plates since the mid-1950s and were stamped on car plates from the mid 1950s through the 1957 model year.  Starting about March of 1962, DSO codes were again stamped on car plates with fairly consistent regularity.  It is not uncommon to see some 1963 and even 1964 cars without a DSO code.

On the Patent Plates of many, if not most, 1962 Galaxies, the DSO field is blank.  A two digit DSO code indicates that the car was ordered by a dealer for stock or for a specific customer and that it was ordered with no special equipment or features.

Special equipment and features means something, options, color, tires etc.  that was not normally available for that model at the time of production.  A DSO code that is more than two digits indicates the car was ordered with special equipment or features that were not normally available for that model.  The first two digits are still the District Sales Office.

For example, Registry entry number 131 with DSO 718073 was ordered with Goldenrod yellow paint color.  Goldenrod Yellow was an available color in 1955 and other years, and gained fame as a color for many 1955 Thunderbirds, but it was not a color that was normally available for 1962 Galaxies.  Registry entry 129 with DSO 718405 was ordered with 8.00 x14, nylon, white wall tires, a tire that was available for 1962 Galaxies, but not for that model.  Both of these cars were for the Los Angeles District thus the 71 for the first two digits.

A DSO such as 718405 indicates that the car was delivered in the Los Angeles District, and that it was the 8,405th car ordered with special equipment.

To add to the confusion, Registry entry number 6 has the following on the build sheet:  ORDER TYPE 2, REGION/ DISTRICT 71, DSO/FSO/PAO blank.  In addition, the DSO field on the patent plate is also blank.  This car was assembled in the LA plant in May of 1962.  The location of the ordering/selling dealer is as yet unknown.

On the Dealer Order form (Rev 2/62) there are several fields that may be related to the DSO.  There is a field for Type of Order and it gives the options of Retail or Stock.  More to be add on this after research to determine the exact meaning of Order Type 1 and 2.


Axle codes

Code* Ratio
1 3.00:1
2 3.10:1
3 3.20:1
4 3.25:1
5 3.50:1
6 3.56:1
7 3.80:1
8 3.89:1
9 (Falcon) 4.00:1
9 4.11:1
A 3.00:1
B 3.10:1
C 3.20:1
D 3.25:1
E 3.50:1
F 3.56:1
G 3.80:1
H 3.89:1

    *A number designates a conventional axle, a letter designates an Equa-Lock differential.


Transmission codes


Transmission type

1 3-Speed Manual
2 Overdrive
3 Fordomatic
4 Cruise-O-Matic
5 4-Speed Manual