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The 1962 Ford Galaxie Registry has received numerous inquiries from former owners searching for the Galaxie they used to own. This page of the Registry has been set up to assist in such searches.

Information such as VIN, last known location, last owner’s name, color, model etc. should be included. Your contact information should also be included.

Any information about the car could be important but the most important is the VIN. Without the VIN trying to find your car may be nearly impossible as many of them that survived have been greatly modified over the years.

Data from the DECODING page can be used to partially recreate the VIN as was done for the first entry below.

If you have an old photo, email it and it will be posted with your search information.

Send all available information and photos to dave@62ford.com

Model – Town Victoria, 4 door hardtop
VIN – Unknown- Partial recreation - 2J64X1????? (car was purchased new in Seattle so probably assembled in LA, assembly plant code J)
Color – Corinthian White, red vinyl interior, red accent stripe on side.
Options – AM radio, 352 2 bbl, Cruise-O-Matic, padded dash, Deluxes wheel covers
Last known owner – Bob Robertson or Robinson (1964)
Last known location – Great Falls, Montana
Last known license number – Mont. 2-3053
Contact- pshobbs62@gmail.com
Photos when car was new:

I'm looking for and have been since mid seventies, a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Club Victoria, s/n 2E63M152391.
The car was raven black with black pleated vinyl interior with white trim. The car was equiped with 390/401hp 6v engine. The car was ordered from Jefferson Co Motors in Charles Town, WV september, 1961. The three deuces were installed at the factory. No one at the dealership installed them. Of course the car had the 4spd tranny.
Due to the Viet Nam war, I was being drafted and could not keep it. I sold it at the fredericksburg Va Auto auction, located in Fredericksburg, VA., somewhere around September 1963. Attached is the billing statement. I would really like to know if the car still exists and is it available. email me @ mtnflk@comcast.net or call 304-820-0140. I called the auction house in the early eighties and they had no records since they had just moved to new facilities and the records were stored in their old location and could/would not access them.


Car search; I don't have the vin #, I only have the information from my memory! I purchased the 62 Sunliner from the Chilton family. They owned the newspaper company in Charleston West Virginia and they lived in the South Hills area of Charleston. The convertible was dark blue and had a white top. I purchased the car in 1963 that was the time frame when President Kennedy was shot. I had to sell some seven years later. I would like to know if the car still exists!

Regards; Lionel T. Rogers