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No photo available.  241. VIN 2J67X173711, BODY 65B, COLOR F, TRIM 82, DATE 13G, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Owner Joakim Lind.Motala Sweden. Submitted by Joakim Lind, 04/26/2007.


No photo available.  242. VIN 2P52V196436, BODY 54B, COLOR M, TRIM 22, DATE 30G, DSO , AXLE 8, TRANS 2
Comments: Found this vehicle in a farmers field. Has been sitting since 1970. It reads 92,000 miles. Interior looks show-room new. Trying to buy it so my wife and I can have ANOTHER project. Submitted by Jim & Judy Schiel, 05/02/2007.


No photo available.  243. VIN 2E51V229437, BODY 62B, COLOR JM, TRIM 25, DATE 31E, DSO , AXLE 6, TRANS 1
Comments: Submitted by James W Whitley, 05/19/2007.


No photo available.  244. VIN 2E63X137539, BODY 65A, COLOR A, TRIM 56, DATE 04M, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 1
Comments: Good condition, minor body work needed. Interior is all original but has seams coming lose in seats. Also has original paint. Submitted by Dan Morgan, 05/23/2007.


No photo available.  245. VIN 2D67Z156168, BODY 65B, COLOR M, TRIM 85, DATE 07G, DSO 61, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: air conditioning
Comments: I have this vehicle since 1979, my dad bought it for me before he died. I have a fondness for it because of that and because it was my first car. The car's condition is "restorable". Submitted by Rudy Gonzales, 05/25/2007.


No photo available.  246. VIN 2N62X130955, BODY 54A, COLOR AM, TRIM 56, DATE 07C, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Our Galaxie is a drivable restoration in progress. It was made at the Norfolk Plant and Norfolk it where it is living now. Submitted by Joe & Jenny, 05/27/2007.


247. VIN 2E74V122057, BODY 71C, COLOR A, TRIM 75, DATE 30K, DSO 16, AXLE 3, TRANS 2
Comments: Now 292 cui and painted light blue. Submitted by Tomas Holmberg, 05/31/2007.
Registry note: This nice wagon was sent to the Registry from Kumla, Sweden.


248. VIN 2G63Z153911, BODY 65A, COLOR JM, TRIM 35, DATE 15B, DSO blank, AXLE 5, TRANS 3
Comments: Now 4 speed rat rod. Submitted by Chris, 06/03/2007.
Email: chriswendystone@aol.com


No photo available.  249. VIN 2G51B140817, BODY 62B, COLOR M, TRIM 24, DATE 03A, DSO blank, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Options: Radio delete.
Comments: Beautiful, original, very low mileage B Code Galaxie. Found on ebay 6/07. Submitted by Paul, 06/05/2007.


No photo available.  250. VIN 2N64W116444, BODY 75A, COLOR J, TRIM 45, DATE 08M, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 3
Options: Power steering; radio.
Comments: Needs restored, some body damage on the right side. Motor is stuck, trans good. All glass good. Submitted by Robert, 06/09/2007.


251. VIN 2J65X146131, BODY 76A, COLOR Z, TRIM 34, DATE 19B, DSO 71, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Last owner owned this vehicle for 27 years. Very good, sound working condition with some minor dings and a non factory color paint job. Submitted by John Flanagan, 06/12/2007.
Email: jla@mywdo.com


No photo available.  252. VIN 2E65Z234202, BODY 76A, COLOR E, TRIM 32, DATE 11F, DSO blank, AXLE 2, TRANS 4
Comments: Submitted by Ruben Lepe, 06/15/2007.


253. VIN 2G61V141794, BODY 62A, COLOR F, TRIM 12, DATE 05A, DSO blank, AXLE 6, TRANS 1
Comments: Found on ebay 6/18/07. Heavily modified, needs work. Submitted by Paul, 06/18/2007.


254. VIN 2G67Z194345, BODY 65B, COLOR VM, TRIM 89, DATE 11F, DSO 34, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: This car is in TOP shape and is 100% original, spent most of it's days in a garage. Just over 45k miles turned!! Family bought it new and is still in the family. Submitted 06/19/2007.
Email: flyinhi_52@yahoo.com


No photo available.  255. VIN 2D61W128827, BODY 62A, COLOR F, TRIM 12, DATE 22A, DSO blank, AXLE 6, TRANS 1
Comments: Submitted by Rodger L Dillon, 06/20/2007.


No photo available.  256. VIN 2U65Z152707, BODY 76A, COLOR H, TRIM 32, DATE 16E, DSO 55, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Options: Convertible, 4-speed, 390ci, 300hp, radio, windshield washer, chrome fender skirts.
Comments: This 62 sunliner was special ordered in St. Louis, Missouri and manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky. I rescued it from a professional car rescurer. The rescurer found it sitting partially in a barn and part of it was sticking out in a small town about 75 miles south of St. Louis. The last time it was titled was in 1964. It appeared to have been sitting without being driven for an unknown reason sometime from that time frame. The motor had four stuck valves was all that actually needed repairing on the drive train. The motor, transmission, rear end all performs like a new car.The convertible body will need a total restoration. A paint job and a new interior will put it back to new again. The body is not beat up and it has very little rust. So far it is an all original 300 hp 390 ci four speed and 3.50:1 rear gears with 56,099 original miles. I disassembled the engine to be sure. The XL interior looks so much better than the regular 500 model that I have purchased the Xl package from a donor car to convert it over. The only part I don''t have so far is the upper rear seat and chrome speaker grill parts, and of course floor pans, but I will find them. I plan to leave the outside color the original dark metalic blue and will use the dark blue or black interior. I have not decided yet. I have owned it for 12 years and I just retired and am getting started with the parts gathering and restoration process. I will probably start disassembling part of it this fall. Submitted by Sam Jackson,Poplar Bluff, Missouri, 06/25/2007.

Update Dec 2008: I just wanted to let you know that I sold my 62 Ford Convertible ( entry # 256 ) to Max Hadley who lives in Napa, Idaho. I sold it to a man who fell in love with it. He is going to completely restore it. I told him I had it registered with you and I would let you know I no longer owned it. I loved the car to. I had several people call me about it and I sold it to the one I believe will take good care of it. My wife and I will be travelling through Idaho next year, where Max lives and he has invited us to visit him to see the progress he has made on it. Your registry is fantastic, keep up the good work.

Sam Jackson


No photo available.  257. VIN 2J62W174553, BODY 54A, COLOR T, TRIM 14, DATE 17G, DSO blank, AXLE 8, TRANS 2
Comments: The car is in good shape as far as the body and interior are concerned. It will still start, but the engine (original and never rebuilt) is tired. My father recently passed away and my brothers and myself have the car now. I want to rebuild the motor and trans and whatever else to got it back on the road. I don't care that 2 doors are so popular and 4 doors are not, which means my two girls can cruise with me. Submitted by Joseph C. Dornoff, 06/27/2007.


258. VIN 2W63X132620, BODY 65A, COLOR E, TRIM 12, DATE 23D, DSO 26, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Radio, padded dash.
Comments: This car was purchased at the 2007 Carlisle All-Ford Nationals show, and is owned by Karen Faett. According to the owner's manual, Karen's car was sold new in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, which is located less than 90 miles from Washington, DC. Submitted by Adrian Clements, 06/30/2007.


No photo available.  259. VIN 2J62W117959, BODY 54A, COLOR D, TRIM 17, DATE 19H, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Vehicle is now in Canada and is in very good condition but needs new paint job and carpeting otherwise is is very good shape mechanicaly Submitted by Rob Nogier, 07/03/2007.


260. VIN 2D51W121556, BODY 62B, COLOR T, TRIM 24, DATE 15M, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 3
Comments: Picked this car up in this condition for 3,000. Drove to Winona, Kansas to rescue her. Have spent about $3500 on restoration so far (shocks, bushings, interior pieces etc.) Had to bring her back to good ol' Texas. Came out of the dallas Plant, still has original motor and tranny. I thought that was amazing. now lthis car is back in Texas where it should be. Submitted by Keith Swearingen, 07/05/2007.
Email: keithswearingen@nts-online.net

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