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No photo available.  61. VIN 2E67X189164, BODY 65B, COLOR H, TRIM 82, DATE 19C, DSO 23, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: XL package. 352 V8, Cruise-O-Matic
Comments: A blue XL born on March 19th.  This is a sister to my first Galaxie 500 hardtop in matching Oxford blue with a 352 (wish I had buckets and a console in college).  Both built in the same plant, Mahwah, NJ.  It is a rescue that was recently found in Maryland but it was originally a PA car not far from where we now reside.  Both 1/4''s and the trunk and floor pan have been replaced, needing a complete front clip, drive train and reassembled.  Look for progress, lets see how long this one takes.  Submitted by Jim Holmes and family, 10/20/2004.


No photo available.  62. VIN 2G65Z205715, BODY 76A, COLOR J, TRIM 35, DATE 24G, DSO 63, AXLE 5, TRANS 2
Options: 390 V8, Sunliner, 3.50:1 rear with a 3 speed over drive.  Built late in the year for a Sunliner.  July 24th 1962.
Comments: This one is Rangoon red with red interior.  I might deviate from my norm of numbers correct and put a T-10 behind this 390.  Built in Chicago and delivered to Memphis it was sold new to a couple in Town Creek, Alabama, then in 1984 to a couple from Fredricksburg Virginia.  More recently in 2002 it arrived in Maryland outside of DC where to no avail it sat, till fate was too strong and on October 9th 2004 it arrived to its new home in Downingtown, PA.  still wearing its Virginia tags OUR6T2.  I sure hope Penny lets me drive after its hers and done.  Submitted by Penny and Jim Holmes, 10/21/2004.


63. VIN 2J67Z172928, BODY 65B, COLOR V, TRIM 89, DATE 26F, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Remnants of the SelectAire Conditioner unit are still attached under the dash.
Comments: "It must have been an awsome machine at one time."  Submitted 04/20/2005 by John Rotella, Director of LOVEfords (see the Linkage page) and the Thunderbird Registrar.  Located at Memory Lane in Sun Valley (Los Angeles, California) www.oldautoparts.com
Registry Note: The fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror and the wrap on the steering wheel show that someone drove this chestnut Galaxie 500/XL with pride probably late into its surviving years.  Now it sacrifices its parts keeping others on the road.  Awsome old machine, we salute you!


64. VIN 2N63Z154484, BODY 65A, COLOR BM, TRIM 17, DATE 27G, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Not sure on trim and date codes.  Patent plate actually reads 17127G22 in the area under trim and date.  Not sure what the 1 is between the 17 and 27 and if the 22 is a DSO code.  I have checked and double checked the color.  It does say BM.  I have not seen any info on a B color code for 1962.  Any help would be appreciated.  Submitted by Brett Ansley, 04/18/2005.
Registry Note: 1962 Galaxie Color Code B is Peacock Blue.  I'm not sure what the 1 would be either.  Paul


No photo available.  65. VIN 2G62W155993, BODY 54A, COLOR M, TRIM 19, DATE 22B, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: I'm trying to restore my 1962 ford galaxie 500.  It's in bad shape.  I'm doing the body work and now I'm wondering what's under the hood.  Submitted by James M. Canales, 04/19/2005.


66. VIN 2J69Z172744, BODY 76B, COLOR B, TRIM 87, DATE 25F, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Power brakes, power top, power steering.
Comments: Now has front disc brakes, turquoise paint, 1967 GT 390, FMX transmission, station wagon springs in rear.  No rust.  Body is straight.  Runs on 15 inch smoothy wheels.  Very dependable car driven daily in good weather.  Submitted by John Larson, 04/19/2005.


67. VIN 2E65X127433, BODY 76A, COLOR H, TRIM 32, DATE 13L, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Adrian Clements spotted this Oxford Blue Sunliner at the RM Classic Car Auction in Novi, Michigan on April 23, 2005.  Thank you Adrian for submitting this one for entry into the Registry.


68. VIN 2J62X148137, BODY 54A, COLOR R, TRIM 34, DATE 27B, DSO 72, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Clean car with little rust! Engine is a 390 from a 68 galaxie.  Submitted by Chad Cassidy, 05/03/2005.


69. VIN 2P67Z188827, BODY 65B, COLOR VM, TRIM 89, DATE 22F, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Power steering, plus AM radio, tinted windshield.
Comments: My uncle bought the Galaxie 500XL new in 1962.  I bought it in April of 2004 with 70K miles on it.  I have replaced the upholstery with NOS.  Engine and car have never been touched.  I do have the orginal owners manual plus the window sticker.  The orginal purchase price was $3786.40.  The sticker say it was sold to Starr Motors in Laurel Montana, but on the back it says Floyd Bean Motors Laurel Montana.  My uncle lives in Laurel so I don't know which one he bought it from.  I'll ask when I see him.  The manual has Floyd Bean Motors listed as the seller with a date of 7-9-62.
I currently live in Colfax Washington and bought the car in April 2004.  Drove it 600 miles home without any problems.  I bought the car for sentimental value, remember riding on the console while my uncle drove, I was 4 or 5 at the time. Submitted by: Bob Guenthner, 05/07/2005.
Registry Note: It is always a pleasure to learn of a classic car that has remained with one family.  Bob, this Galaxie is a real treasure.


No photo available.  70. VIN 2E65Z120294, BODY 76A, COLOR A, TRIM 35, DATE 31K, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Power steering, Power Brakes, 390 engine
Comments: Blackie is a #2 car and has taken some awards at some local shows in N.J.  Keep up the good work! Submitted by Ken O'Day, 05/11/2005.


71 and 72. Double your pleasure, double your fun with twin Sunliners.  VINs The one facing to your right is 2J65X156290, the other is 2U65X145178.  These twins were submitted by Carl Hirst of Mexico, Missouri.  Carl once owned both and sold them but still had this great photo.  145178 has been upgraded to a 390 4V.  Carl also owns two Thunderbirds that are both in the Thunderbird Registry as numbers 9601 and 9602.


No photo available.  73. VIN 2U63Z150726, BODY 65A, COLOR J, TRIM 35, DATE 07E, DSO 63, AXLE 5, TRANS 1
Options: AM Radio, Deluxe wheel covers
Comments: This Galaxie is like the one I bought brand new from the local Ford dealer in the summer of 1962 right after I graduated from high school.  I mowed yards and saved money for a new car, bought for $2550.00 and paid cash.  The car is 99% rust free and currently being off the frame restored to original using mostly NOS parts  I have been collecting for the past 18 years.  Unfortunately I am the only one in the family that likes this car, so will probably eventually be sold as I have three other cars, two being ''37 Fords.  Thanks for having this site to share information on these seemingly forgotten Fords.  I know the axle code does not match anything in the shop manual or your decoding site, but I double checked the number and it is 5.  Any information on this I would be glad to know about.  Submitted by Lynn Barnes, 05/22/2005.
Registry Note: An interchange manual I have lists a 1962 Axle Code 5 as a 3.50:1.  According to the 3/62 sales brochure, this axle ratio was standard with the 406 high performance V-8s and 4-speed manual transmission.  My guess is that it was special ordered with this car, hence the presence of a DSO number. Paul


No photo available.  74. VIN 2W65V145977, BODY 76A, COLOR E, TRIM 32, DATE 30F, DSO 14, AXLE 8, TRANS 1
Options: I have not looked for the build sheet.  The car has a clock and a push button "all transistor radio". There are dual combination mirror/spot lights.  Someone has installed amp and oil pressure gauges.
Comments: Car has 103,237.7 miles and was last inspected to 7/2000 by station # 3869 w/ 103,206 on it at that time.  The door jams have three valvoline stickers: 7/14/76 at 91,605; 10/3/87 at 00390; 01/28/90 at 00828.  One Pennzoil 11/7/90 at 02709 and a Champion Spark plug 11/?/87 at 00392.  The black convertible top is almost new in appearance, but the rear window is clouded.  The interior is as new and still has most of the clear plastic seat covers on it.  Dash and door panels as new, as are the top bowing and windshield chrome.  The six cylinder motor looks new and orange paint looks original.  I bought this car at a Goodwill auction and do not have a trunk key.  Gas tank is not on car and maybe in the trunk We hooked up a windshield washer bottle to the carb and car starts right up w/ no engine noise.  Bumpers are in decent shape.  However, I would like to locate fenders and 1/4 panels.  The inner panels are perfect.  On the dash is a plate w/the previous owners name: Jean E. Rickley.  There are 3 Rickleys in Pittsburgh phone book, but I have only been able to contact one and they did not know Jean.  I believe this is a one owner car as the title was PA. the old style.  Submitted by L. Jay Weitzel, 05/23/2005.


75. VIN 2P61V190148, BODY 62A, COLOR JM, TRIM 45, DATE 13F, DSO blank, AXLE 8, TRANS 2
Options: Unknown
Comments: This car was originally a 6 cyl. and was purchased as a donor car for a '62 convertible.  When the ragtop was totaled, the owner swapped parts back to the 2dr sedan, so it now has the bucket seats, console, trim and 390 thunderbird out of the ragtop.  Submitted by Greg Guise, 05/24/2005.


No photo available.  76. VIN 2E65Z221388, BODY 76A, COLOR M, TRIM 35, DATE 17E, DSO 11, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: The interior code is was difficult to read.  Car is outside and no canvas on top bows.  It had red/white vinyl seats can get pics if you want them.  Car is sitting in conver. row at easy jacks salvage yard Junction City, KS.  Submitted by Kevin Thomas, 05/28/2005.


77. VIN 2E62W179667, BODY 54A, COLOR A, TRIM 16, DATE 26B, DSO 23, AXLE 8, TRANS 2
Options: Overdrive
Comments: 42000 orignal miles, one owner sealed in a garage since 1984, taken out 2003 and driven 135 miles home.  Submitted by Gary Silbert, 06/08/2005.


No photo available.  78. VIN 2J61X125958, BODY 62A, COLOR Z, TRIM 14, DATE 04M, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Good condition, has little rust on body, needs new carpet and new ceiling upholstery.  Submitted by Jesse Roy, 06/08/2005.


79. VIN 2D72W119322, BODY 71B, COLOR M, TRIM 75, DATE 05M, DSO blank, AXLE 6, TRANS 3
Comments: This car started out as a 99% rustfree car that was setting in an Oklahoma oil field.  It shows 88962 miles.  We pulled it home and started the 2 year project.  The car features custom tweed seats from a '65 T-Bird, custom video and audio systems, a DVD system.  Submitted by Bill, 06/11/2005.
Registry Note: This tasetfully done custom wagon was found on eBay.


80. VIN 2E63G128149 , BODY 65A, COLOR M, TRIM 25, DATE unk, DSO unk, AXLE 9, TRANS 5
Comments: My car was a Galaxie 500 two door hardtop, white with a red cloth and vinyl interior.  It was ordered from Potter-Hillman ford in Hightstown, NJ by Art Hasselback.  Art checked the 405 horsepower 406 engine option, four speed transmission and 4:11 rear.  After taking delivery Art drag raced the car at local tracks with success although he complained of breaking the T-10 four speed a number of times.  He sold the car to Jim Kaiser, who terrorized area streets with the car before trading it in.  The Galaxie was sold as a used car by Capitol Motors Chrysler-Plymouth and it's third owner not only managed to blow it up, but also couldn't keep up the payments and the car was repossessed.  This is where I come in.  Having crashed my 1963 500 XL I yanked the engine and transmission and a few other useable parts.  I had just begun working in the service dept. at Capitol Motors and I spotted the car, which I recognized, sitting in the weeds out behind the body shop.  After inquiring about the car I was told I could purchase it for one hundred and fifty dollars to be paid in twenty dollar increments.  The 62 soon came into my possession and received a fresh 406.  I drove the car on the street and raced it in C/Stock at Strato Rods and Atco Dragway in NJ turning 13.80 at 105 mph with an open rear and seven inch cheater slicks.  The longer I had the car the more modifications I performed eventually running the car in B/MProduction at one point.  I have to confess that there was little method to my madness at the time and numerous broken drive train parts became the car's legacy at the track.  At the time when Holman-Moody was going out of business I purchased a brand new factory fiberglass front end for the car for the hefty investment of fifty dollars.  I was becoming a little more mature by this time and decided to run the car in the SS/K class with a single four barrel carburetor.  Even with the glass front and radio, heater etc. gone the car still weighed 3700 pounds.  I can recall a weight of 4040 when it was all steel.  With nine inch slicks, a 5:14 rear and a launch rpm of 6500 the car would lift the left front wheel six inches off the ground.  Still plagued by drive line breakage I nonetheless managed to wring a terminal speed of 117 mph out of a car that was as aerodynamic as a barn door.  In 1975 I decided to sell the car since bracket racing was taking all the fun out of the drags and the first "gas crisis" was upon us.  I sold the car to a guy from Mahwah, NJ and never heard of it again.  The moral of this story would be IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW.  I still have many fond memories of the car and currently drive a 63 Boxtop Galaxie with a 405/406.   Charlie Morris
Registry Note: It is an honor to have this story from journalist Charlie Morris.  Charlie is a contributing writer to Legendary Fords Magazine and is the author of the new book TOTAL PERFORMERS: Ford Drag Racing in the 1960s to be available in September 2005.  Click here to view the promo for Chuck Morris's new book.


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