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101. VIN 2E64W247450, BODY 75A, COLOR V, TRIM 39, DATE 09H, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 3
Comments: This vehicle is 90% original, all except the engine and transmission.  The actual engine is a 351 Cleveland and the transmission is a FMX.  The hubcaps are of the year 1969.  This car is in Caracas - Venezuela and this moments is in the paint workshop to restore.  Submitted by Miguel Da Silva, 09/28/2005.


102. VIN 2U65Z164668, BODY 76A, COLOR V, TRIM 39, DATE 16G, DSO 21, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: This beautiful Chestnut Sunliner was a participant at the 2005 National Galaxie Show in Dearborn.  It is owned by James Sepesi of Harison Twp., Michigan.  Submitted by Paul, 10/08/2005.


No photo available.  103. VIN 2D52W115695, BODY 54B, COLOR EM, TRIM 22, DATE 20L, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Vehicle is in running condtion, has some front end damage, self and son plan to restore.  Submitted by Bob James, 10/11/2005.


104. VIN 2N63X147626, BODY 65A, COLOR A, TRIM 35, DATE 08F, DSO 22, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Not familiar enough with these cars yet to be able to tell what was factory or what was options. But this is a roll up window manual door lock car, no power steering, power brakes or air. Bench seat car.
Comments: Just acquired car in trade for some work I did. It is a running and driving car. interior is worn out, car has some major dents and a smashed windshield but with a little body work I''ll have her back on the road soon. Remarkably a rust free car. Looks like it was last on the road in ''72. Odometer reads something like 26 K miles. Given the cleanlienss under hood and the assumed 10 yrs on the road it is quite possible that it is actual milage. Submitted by Tom Zoebelein, 12/10/2006.


105. VIN 2J67G180575, BODY 65B, COLOR B, TRIM 87, DATE 09V, DSO BLANK, AXLE E, TRANS 5
Comments: This 1962 Galaxie 500 XL has a 406 V-8 engine with Tri-Power and a 4-speed manual transmission.  It needs a complete restoration but is a very complete car.  As of November, 2005 it was for sale on ebay and located in Hamilton, Montana.  Submitted by Arthur Ash III, 11/08/2005.

Update for this rare G Code Galaxie
Comments: I purchased this car recently and brought it to Minnesota from Montana (through BC, Canada) to start a total restoration.  The vehicle is very solid but in pieces.  I have the original engine block(torn down currently) manifold with three rebuilt correct carburetors, two 4 speed transmissions and many extra, original and nos parts.  Submitted by Craig Thornton, 11/10/2006.
Email: cltburns@aol.com


106. VIN 2U63Z143600, BODY 65A, COLOR J, TRIM 35, DATE 12D, DSO 21, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Comments: This 1962 Galaxie 500 Sunliner has a 390 V-8 engine, manual windows and a black convertible top.  As of November, 2005 it was for sale on ebay and located in Waterdown, Ontario.  Submitted by Arthur Ash III, 11/11/2005.


No photo available.  107. VIN 2E69X255261, BODY 76B, COLOR I, TRIM 85, DATE 03V, DSO 23, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: 500 XL Convertible, Bucket Seats, Console Floor Shift
Comments: Planning total Restoration.  Submitted by Craig Rohrbaugh, 11/24/2005.


No photo available.  108. VIN 2N63G156913, BODY 65A, COLOR M, TRIM 35A, DATE 10V, DSO 25, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Options: 406, 4 speed,radio, heater
Submitted by Tim Phillips, 12/10/2005.


109. VIN 2G65G000000, BODY 76B, COLOR M, TRIM 56, DATE 01E, DSO 34, AXLE 9, TRANS 5
Options: 406-6V, 4-SPEED Transmission, Equa-Loc Differential, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Deluxe Wheel Covers
Comments: My father ordered and purchased this 1962 FORD Galaxie 500XL Sunliner from Stu Cavel FORD in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  He placed the order in April and did not take delivery until the first week of June `62.  Submittted by Kip M. Webber, 12/12/2005.
Registry Note: The photos were taken in July of 1962.  Mr. Webber would like to find out information about this Galaxie.  The Assembly plant is a guess, the sequential production number and scheduled production date are unknown.  The May production date is a guess based on a June delivery date.  Deluxe wheel covers were not normally available with G code cars but may have been special ordered.


110. VIN 2N62X150334, BODY 54A, COLOR VM, TRIM 39, DATE 25F, DSO BLANK, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Power steering, AM push button radio, single-speed electric wipers, heater, Cruise-O-Matic trans, reverse lights.
Comments: I purchased this Galaxie 500 4dr sedan from the original owner 12/31/02.  The car was complete and in semi-running condition with 112K on the original engine and trans.  The owner also gave me lots of extra parts as he had originally intended to restore it himself but lost interest.  I spotted it parked in an empty lot behind his house and, after driving by it several times for almost a year, finally decided to stop and ask about it.  After two years,and lots of time and work, the underside is freshly painted and all the mechanicals rebuilt.  I am now in the process of getting the cosmetics done and hope to be finished by this fall.  Submitted by Michael D. Fulp, 01/09/2006.


111. VIN 2J67Z175909, BODY 65B, COLOR V, TRIM 85, DATE 20G, DSO BLANK, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: This XL was sold on Ebay, item number 4603027703, in January 2006.  The production number and July 20 date place it among the last of the 62s produced at the LA assembly plant.  It was rough but restorable.  Although a 390 car, it did not appear to have the correct engine.  Submitted by Paul, 01/11/2006.


112. VIN 2D63V113208, BODY 65a, COLOR a, TRIM 35, DATE 08l, DSO BLANK, AXLE 6, TRANS 1
Comments: Body complete, no engine or transmission.  Car originally came with a 6.  Submitted by J Lance, 01/17/2006.


113. VIN 2P62W107877, BODY 54A, COLOR DM, TRIM 17, DATE 21J, DSO BLANK, AXLE 8, TRANS 2
Comments: Just received the car, my uncle bought it new.  He parked it in 1980 with 61,000 miles on it.  The mice have ruined the interior, but the body is clean with only surface rust.  These pictures show how the car was as it sat in North Dakota since 1980.  Since then I have transported the car to my house in Columbus, Montana.  Submitted by Lee Eberle, 01/22/2006.


114. VIN 2G62X139557, BODY 54A, COLOR M, TRIM 45, DATE 28M, DSO BLANK, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Power steering
Comments: Never been restored and running great has been painted 15 years ago.  Submitted by Joseph Denney, 01/24/2006.


115. VIN 2U51V124444, BODY 62B, COLOR M, TRIM 27, DATE 21M, DSO BLANK, AXLE 6, TRANS 1
Options: Power steering
Comments: Been restoring for 8 years off and on but now ready to get at it full force.  Submitted by Joseph Denney, 01/24/2006.



116. VIN 2W52W112880, BODY 54B, COLOR DM, TRIM 27, DATE 06J, DSO , AXLE 1, TRANS 3
Comments: Vehicle was sold as a parts car Feb. 06 in Bringhurst, Indiana. Submitted by Paul, 02/04/2006.


117. VIN 2U63B151469, BODY 65A, COLOR H, TRIM 72, DATE 25E, DSO 25, AXLE H, TRANS 5
Comments: Vehicle is in great shape, I plan on painting later this year.  Submitted by Wayne Hilliard, 02/09/2006.
Email: wayne@isbco.com


118. VIN 2D63Z122318, BODY 65A, COLOR A, TRIM 35, DATE 31A, DSO 19M, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: has bench front seat, and xl features, like the gas filler door
Comments: Just purchased last week... already having a blast (and a pain fixin previous screw ups).  If any one knows how to find out about the DSO number please email me. Submitted by Evan, 02/10/2006.
Email: vdub66gone@hotmail.com


119. VIN 2G51X204952, BODY 62B, COLOR H, TRIM 22, DATE 03H, DSO 41, AXLE H, TRANS 5
Options: None, heat and radio deleted.
Comments: Like new never restored, 14k original miles.  Sad to say there is a story.  This car was ordered to go drag racing and the original engine is long gone car has a 406.  The original owner died young and the car was left to his mother she kept in a heated garage for years until she sold it to his best friend.  He acquired the car in the 1980s and he has never driven the car.  He is now in his late sixties and wants me to have the car.  I will take posession this April and will give all the info I can hopefully this registry can help me restore this car.  Submitted by Mike Marsella, 02/12/2006.


120. VIN 2W67X146495, BODY 65B, COLOR IA, TRIM 88, DATE 19F, DSO 33, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Push Button Radio and Front Mount Antenna.
Comments: I bought this car in 1989 and it was my daily driver for two years.  I parked it with every intention of restoring it, but it's still sitting in my garage.  I've tried to sell it a few times but no one was interested, it wasn't in good enough shape for anyone.  I've thought about junking it, but I think it's too nice to scrap.  So right now I'm debating with myself about restoring it or trying to sell it again.  Submitted by Dan Respecki, 02/17/2006.
Email: fabmandan@wowway.com
Update 8/17/06.  I bought car reg #120 from Dan Respecki on August 6th 2006.  Towed it home to Western Pennsylvania where it has yet to be determined it's fate of restoration or parts car.  Thank you and keep up the great work.  Ed Preston


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