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No photo available.  421. VIN 2G62X156860, BODY 54A, COLOR M, TRIM 14, DATE 26B, DSO 65, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Power steering
Comments: Car now is in Dallas,TX. Currently being restored. Submitted by David, 03/16/2010.


422. VIN 2W65Q111317, BODY 76A, COLOR V, TRIM 39, DATE 11M, DSO , AXLE 5, TRANS 1
Options: 390 cu. in., 4 bbl High Performance Q code engine. 3 speed manual transmission has been replaced with 4 speed manual floor shift transmission. Original Q code engine replaced with later model year 390.
Comments: Very rare "Q" Code convertible. Solid Southern car with Documentation and title history all the way back to the Original Owner and Selling Dealer, Chestnut with Tri-Tone Chestnut Interior and White Convertible Top, Big Brakes and 3/8" Fuel line, Original 9" rear, 99% rust free, Rebuilt 390 Runs great, 4 speed shifts nicely and drives great, everything works, Awesome driver with older paint, original interior, Submitted by Adrian Clements, 03/25/2010.

Registry Note: From the May 1962 issue of Motor Trend, Spotlight on Detroit feature:

"Amber-colored front turn signals will appear on U.S. motor vehicles starting with the 1963 model year. The change from the white lights in present usage is being made on the recommendation of the Automobile Manufacturers Association Board of Directors. The move results from an industry-wide project started in 1958 to re-evaluate all motor vehicle lighting and signaling components."


No photo available.  423. VIN 2J51V150935, BODY 62B, COLOR M, TRIM 22, DATE 13C, DSO 71, AXLE 6, TRANS 1
Options: has an overdrive Comments: Good shape, no title, no carb, hope itís an easy project! Submitted by Jim T, 03/25/2010.


424. VIN 2G62X187806, BODY 54A, COLOR M, TRIM 35, DATE 25E, DSO 55, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: I purchased this Galaxie on e-bay, went to Peoria IL and drove it home 160 miles. Ran great all the way and with one blown muffler, talked to me all the way. Pretty much original. I installed new power steering pump, had the brakes reworked and installed a new gas tank. Paint and interior fair, fun driver, but needs work to be show car. Submitted by Ron Andersen, 03/29/2010.


No photo available.  425. VIN 2J63Z146444, BODY 65A, COLOR Q, TRIM 16, DATE 19B, DSO 72, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Power windows, power seats, power brakes, power steering, fender skirts, radio, side mirror spotlight.
Comments: Great rust free car. Has been parked inside since 1988. Runs good! Currently looking for seat covers, headliner, dash pad and carpet. Submitted by Henrik Forss, 04/01/2010.


No photo available.  426. VIN 2E67Z238850, BODY 65B, COLOR XM, TRIM 86, DATE 19F, DSO 25, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Comments: Very good solid driver. Submitted by Fred Ling, 04/08/2010.


No photo available.  427. VIN 2G67Z204040, BODY 65B, COLOR T, TRIM 84, DATE 19G, DSO 63, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Barn fresh, rock solid, no rust, runs great, This car has never been messed with. I just love it. Submitted by Bill Ackerman, 04/18/2010.


No photo available.  428. VIN 2E65X254092, BODY 76A, COLOR E, TRIM 32, DATE 01V, DSO 23, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Submitted 05/07/2010.


429. VIN 2J65W138377, BODY 76A, COLOR V, TRIM 39, DATE 18A, DSO , AXLE 6, TRANS 1
Comments: Excellent, power train rebuilt 2000, new front end, clutch 2008, paint 10 feet original, engine removed and 390-4V SUBBED; Everything functional. Submitted by MEL, 05/07/2010.


No photo available.  430.VIN 2J64X111302, BODY 75A, COLOR A, TRIM 35, DATE 09K, DSO BLANK, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: This black Victoria 4dr hard top currently is powered by a solid lifter 390 from a police car that the last owner parted out for the engine. This car will be repowered back to a 62 X code then put up for sale. Submitted by Norm Hunt, 05/16/2010.
Update May 12, 2012 #430 Black 4 door Victoria was restored and returned to a stock 352 and I sold it to a new owner in Delta BC. The Police Interceptor powertrain was pulled from #430 and is for sale.


431. VIN 2J61X155022, BODY 62A, COLOR V, TRIM 19, DATE 30L, DSO BLANK, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: This car currently has 97K original miles and spent most of its life in dry Boise Idaho. It was repainted about 10 years ago by the original owner then clear coated by the second owner. The second owner installed various 427 themed items and was prepping a block for conversion when he sold the car. I am the 3rd owner. I have recently obtained a rare solid lifter 390 Interceptor (police) engine which I plan to install in this car and rebadge it as a 390. Submitted by Norm Hunt, 05/16/2010.
Email: normhunt@msn.com
Update May 12, 2012 # 431 Chestnut/Chestnut is owned by me and I live in White Rock Canada tmfm@shaw.ca The car is a dry Idaho car with 98K miles with all original drivetrain. No mods except Dual exhaust. Submitted by Michael Moore


No photo available.  432. VIN 2J61X143650, BODY 62A, COLOR T, TRIM 14, DATE 08B, DSO BLANK, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Car still has original motor and trans. Undergoing full restoration. Submitted by Terry Clason, 05/23/2010.


433. VIN 2J63Z170853, BODY 65A, COLOR E, TRIM 12, DATE 15F, DSO , AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Car is clean....has a 460/C-6 now otherwise unmolested. Color is now Black/Black. Submitted 05/24/2010.
Email: todds@tangodown.com


434. VIN 2P63W114313, BODY 65A, COLOR J, TRIM 45, DATE 10K, DSO , AXLE 3, TRANS 1
Comments: The 292 is gone and now has a fuel injected 406 with a C6 trans. Submitted by Michael Pearson, 06/03/2010.


435. VIN 2G63X202022, BODY 65A, COLOR M, TRIM 45, DATE 14G, DSO 32, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: i HAVENT A CLUE :)
Comments: Picked up out of a barn. Restoration about to start. Submitted by Dan Payne, 06/08/2010.
Registry Note: Options, well we know from the X in the VIN that is has a 352 2 bbl under the hood.


No photo available.  436. VIN 2E65G225575, BODY 76A, COLOR V, TRIM 39, DATE 23E, DSO 23, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Options: 406 6 bbl, 4 speed, clock, radio, windshield washers, Padded dash.
Comments: It is in very good condition. Is now Rangoon red, white top, 352 4 speed, Have 406 engine on stand. It has been rebuilt. 14" with wheel covers. Only thing not stock Sun tach oil/amp gauges. Submitted by Mike & Renea Hrdlicka Montgomery, Minnesota, 07/07/2010.


No photo available.  437. VIN 2J67Z178434, BODY 65B, COLOR M, TRIM 86, DATE 30G, DSO 6929, AXLE 2, TRANS 4
Options: Factory a/c hd pulley
Comments: Submitted by Don McCormack, 07/29/2010.


No photo available.  438. VIN 2W76X125738, BODY 71E, COLOR F, TRIM 12, DATE 06B, DSO 73, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: I have been looking for a Country Squire on and off and finally found one. She runs but needs a lot of work. The interior has been completely pulled out and there is rust. The car was bought in Colorado and driven to Canada. Itís going to get restored! I also own Registry #311. Submitted by Brad, 08/09/2010.


No photo available.  439. VIN 2J63Q100001, BODY 62A, COLOR A, TRIM 45, DATE 02H, DSO 72, AXLE 7, TRANS 5
Comments: Submitted 08/14/2010.

Registry Note: The 1962 Ford Galaxie Registry has no way of verifying whether an entry is a fake posted by someone who has nothing better to do, or they are legitimate. We like to think that the people who use and support this Registry have some degree of honor and integrity. Look at the VIN of this entry. Is it possible that the very first 1962 Galaxie produced at the LA Assembly Plant was a Q Code car (High Performance 390, 4 bbl)? Is it possible that the very first 1962 Galaxie produced at the LA Assembly Plant has survived the ravages of time and use?

No information other than the data plate codes were provided with this entry. If it is for real, the owner may not be aware that 100001 is the first car produced for a model year at any Ford Assembly Plant.

So, Mr. Owner, if you are real and are out there, not only do you have a very rare Q code 1962 Galaxie, but you have the very first 1962 Galaxie produced at the LA Assembly Plant. Please send additional information and photos.


No photo available.  440. VIN 2U62X163181, BODY 54A, COLOR I, TRIM 16, DATE 11G, DSO 21, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: None that I am aware of. No power steering or power brakes.
Comments: Just purchased today 8-15-2010. Doesnít run but everything is there. Front suspension just rebuilt. New Dual Exhaust. All glass and chrome trim in great condition. Paid $300 for her. Going to be a great project. Submitted by James C. stokes, Jr., 08/15/2010.

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