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No photo available yet  21.  VIN 2U69X142744, BODY 76B, COLOR M, TRIM 85, DATE 05D, DSO 36, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Just bought car, is now black, It is a good driver, plan on putting a lot of TLC in it over the next months. Sent by Wayne DuBois.


22.  VIN 2P62X160763, BODY 54A, COLOR I, TRIM 45, DATE 28C, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Under dash Ford air.
Comments:The car has paint code I Castillian Gold but the car is black with no trace of gold anywhere.  If it was a repaint you would think you could find some gold somewhere on the car back around the hinges or somewhere.  Submitted by Bob Harkins on 01/27/05.
Registry note: Unless the car had a stripped down restoration and paint job there should be remnants of the gold up under the dash, under the carpets on the floor, under the back seat or in the trunk.


23.  VIN 2E65V257248, BODY 76A, COLOR I, TRIM 34, DATE 08V, DSO 11, AXLE 8, TRANS 2
Comments: Vehicle is in good shape. Need new interior. Submitted by Stephen Sanborn.
Registry note: This Galaxie was built on August the 8th, 1962 in Mahwah, New Jersey. That date and the high unit number of 257248 indicate that this Castillian Gold convertible is among the last of the '62 Galaxies to roll off the assembly line.


24.  VIN 2U76X100257, BODY 71E, COLOR T, TRIM 14, DATE 22H, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Options: Country Squire Wagon - Air ride suspension. Engine block was cracked, converted from 352 to 390-4V and C6 Trans.

Comments: Resto Rodding. Exterior color being changed to Black. I am submitting this for a friend. Submitted by Tom Hopkins.
11/02/05 update: Tom Hopkins has provided an updated photo of the finished wagon.  It looks great in this photo.  Tom also says that the car has been sold and is now in Missouri.
11/16/05 update: The wood grain restoration on this wagon looked so good i had to ask Tom how it was done.  Here is his response.


The guy that owned this and did it is named Teddy Z.  Known pretty well in the Hot Rod circles.  Has built quite a few real woodies.  The insert is a vinyl that comes in a roll, hate to say it but similar to contact paper but obviously of a much better quality.  Think it cost about $600.00 for the roll to do this car.  The surround moldings are another real interesting project.  All necessary repairs and mending are done to the fiberglass (that's what they are) then sprayed a tan/beige color, somewhat personal preference, than they are wiped with the darker color.  Somewhat like staining old furniture.  Really interesting to see the detail that Ted goes thru in trying to make things look like real wood.  If you ever see it, you'll be extremely impressed.

01/18/07 update: On Jan. 17, 2007 this Country Squire sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Phoenix for $57,500.  It is great to see the 62 Galaxies getting this kind of recognition and being bid up this respectable value.  With a surf board mounted on the top, the car looked great up on the auction stage.
01/16/08 update: Once again, for the second year in a row, this car graced the auction block of the Barrett – Jackson auction in Phoenix. If the buyer in ’07 was still the owner, and hoped to make a profit on this great Squire, he was surely disappointed. This time, the car sold for $44,000. It still looked fantastic with that surf board mounted on top. The Speed TV announcers only had very positive comments about the car.


25.  VIN 2U69X164104, BODY 76B, COLOR M, TRIM 32, DATE 13G, DSO 56, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Spotted at the RM Classic Car Auction in Novi, Michigan on April 25, 2003. Submitted by Adrian Clements.


26.  VIN 2G63Z137959, BODY 65A, COLOR A, TRIM 35A, DATE 22M, DSO blank, AXLE 5, TRANS 1
Comments: While traipsing around a junkyard in Central Michigan on Saturday, September 11, 2004, I documented a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Club Victoria. This car presently has a Y-block engine of unknown displacement installed in it.

This car is located at:
Spencer's Auto Salvage
2998 M-65
Whittemore, MI 48770
Phone: 989-756-2147

Submitted by Adrian Clements.


27.  VIN 2E63Z111660, BODY 65A, COLOR M, TRIM 17, DATE 28J, DSO blank, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: While attending a car show in downtown Milford, Michigan on Sunday, September 19, 2004, I documented a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Club Victoria. This car is advertised as having a three-2V induction setup installed on the 390 engine.
Submitted by Adrian Clements.
Registry Note:This car is owned by Jim Rowland.
Update: Bought the Galaxie Dec. 2007 had it shipped to south Florida. The car is in GREAT shape needing only detailing. Drive to shows and events. Submitted by Chip Hansen, 09/07/2008.
Email: schansen@bellsouth.net


28.  VIN 2W74X149360, BODY 71C, COLOR M, TRIM 75, DATE 11G, DSO 33, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: A very nice 1962 Ford Country Sedan 4-door 9 passenger station wagon owned by Gary Koscielniak. Submitted by Adrian Clements, a co-worker of Gary's at Ford Motor Company.


29.  VIN 2E63G200117, BODY 65A, COLOR H, TRIM 32, DATE 10D, DSO 23, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Comments: Adrian Clements documented this beautiful 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Club Victoria while attending "Galaxie Gathering Number 3" of the Motor City Galaxie Club at Bennigan's Grill on Woodward Avenue at Square Lake Road in Bloomfield Hills, MI on Saturday, September 25, 2004.  This all original, 49,000 mile car is owned by Louis (Lou) Szuch.
Registry Update - The following update was submitted by the current owner (Charlie Arolla) on 07/13/2022.
I just purchased Vehicle # 29 in the Registry, a 1962 Ford Galaxie 500 Club Victoria VIN 2E63G200117. The car was up for auction on Bring-a-Trailer on July 11th; you can see the auction information here: The seller is the son of the person who purchased the car from the Registry’s owner of record Louis (Lou) Szuch approximately 13 years ago. The seller on BaT was Jeff Stringham; and his father was Alfred G. Stringham. Alfred passed away approximately 2 years ago and the car passed to his son.


30.  VIN 2G67Z141151, BODY 65B, COLOR I, TRIM 88, DATE 10D, DSO 61, AXLE 1, TRANS 4
Comments: Adrian Clements documented this beautiful 1962 Ford Galaxie 500/XL Club Victoria while attending "Galaxie Gathering Number 3" of the Motor City Galaxie Club at Bennigan's Grill on Woodward Avenue at Square Lake Road in Bloomfield Hills on Saturday, September 25, 2004.  This car is owned by Debbie & Bob Merrell.

Update: Jared Wike is the owner of this Galaxie since June 2013.


31.  VIN 2J62X110498
Comments: This Galaxie 500 Town Sedan was spotted on an internet auction site.  It was passed down to the seller by his grandmother who owned it for 14 years.  It has a 352 and a 3-speed manual transmission.  Submitted by Arthur Ash III.


32.  VIN 2G51G193574, BODY 62B, COLOR M, TRIM 25, DATE 12F, DSO 84-21, AXLE E, TRANS 2

Options: Tri-Power 406. No other options, even Radio Delete.

Comments: 1962 Galaxie “G” Code Club Sedan - Very Rare & Correct Factory Muscle Car.  This Galaxie 2 door Club Sedan is a very rare 406 cid car.  The data tag DSO shows this to be a factory executive 84 (Home Office Reserve) car that was shipped to Atlanta “21”.  All factory race vehicles from Ford had the same DSO of 84.  The 406cid engine was rated at 405 horsepower at 5800 rpm and 11.4:1 compression with a massive 448 ft-lb of torque and came only with a manual transmission.  This car has the correct 3/8” fuel line for the 406/427s as the smaller engines had the 5/16” lines - has the correct long air filter - Holley carburetors with progressive linkage, center electric choke - long metal fuel rail to feed the carbs - correct large exhaust factory big block headers.  This car has been completely restored and the engine built.  The engine compartment is fully detailed, stamped hoses, proper clamps, black with white letter heater hoses, correct radiator.  The engine features solid lifters, dual points, correct 406 heads and all correct period factory pieces.  The engine is dated 2F78, the same June(12F) as the car.  The firewall is white with black markings as factory.  By ’63, all of the Fords had electric windshield wipers but in ’62, only the 406 cars were required to have them because of the vacuum needs.  All FOMOCO stampings on the fenders, core support, and fan shroud, are there and correct.  The data tag that is very clean and has the correct rivets shows the 3-speed overdrive transmission that came with a lower geared rear end that shows ‘E’ posi.  This car is fully restored on a beautiful 977 original mile car.  The frame-off was done in ’96 and fully detailed again June ’02 as a show car.  The correct Corinthian White is in gorgeous condition.  The car is completely straight and totally rust free.  The Ford stamping numbers are virtually everywhere.  The beautiful red interior is original with correct bench seat, correct fabric with the chrome flecks with the tri-tone and piping.  The glass is original (new windshield), the wheels are correct steel Kelsey Hayes with open slots fitted with chrome small hub caps and 7.10x15 Firestone black wall Deluxe Champions bias plys.  This is truly an unbelievable car that attracts crowds at car shows (when my wife lets me go!!).

Owned and submitted on 10/07/04 by Daniel Rashley.

Update 15 Oct 2013: This Galaxie is now owned by Rich Roberts


33.  VIN 2J65X109560
Comments: This Galaxie 500 Sunliner with a 352 and automatic transmission was seen on an internet auction site.  It has power windows and fender shields.  Submitted by Arthur Ash III on 10/05/04.


34.  VIN 2P52V168478, BODY 54B, COLOR T, TRIM 24, DATE 19D, DSO blank, AXLE 8, TRANS 2
Comments: This car is located at S & S Salvage, 40815 SD Highway 34, Forestburg SD 57314.  Submitted on 10/9/04 by John Rotella.


35.  VIN 2U63G147454, BODY 65A, COLOR A , TRIM 35, DATE 24D, DSO 36, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Comments: Yes that is a real G-code car. The owner of the yard has a new, clear SD title.  He has documentation showing that it was originally sold in the Lexington, Kentucky area and from there went to Nebraska before coming to its present resting spot in South Dakota.  The owner said that when SD did the title search, a record of it in the state was not found, indicating it had never been issued a title in SD before.  The molding insert area is white.  The owner even managed to find and preserve a small piece of the build sheet with the G- and 5-codes clearly visible.  This car is for sale at S & S Salvage, 40815 SD Highway 34, Forestburg SD 57314.  Submitted on 10/9/04 by John Rotella.

Update 12/10/06
Comments: Bought this car from S&S Auto Salvage, I'm goin to do a frame off, goin to need help for were to get some parts HELP!! Needs everything, HELP!!!! Submitted by Bill Grimes Sr., 10/29/2005.

Just did a frame off, all numbers match,this is a real 406 tri-power engine 4 speed car, 88% done. Very very fast, scary fast. Submitted by Bill grimes Sr., 12/05/2006.


36.  VIN 2J51W167202
Comments: This Club Sedan with a 292 and 3-speed manual on the column was seen on an Internet auction site.  Submitted 10/5/02 by Arthur Ash III.


37.  VIN 2J76X176560
Comments: This great looking 6-passenger Country Squire was seen on the Barrett-Jackson auction results site on the internet.  It is powered by a 390 w/ non-original Tri-Power, has Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels, power steering and a power seat.  It sold at auction for $15,390.  Submitted by Arthur Ash III on 10/5/04.


38.  VIN 2U67W150170
Comments: This Galaxie 500 XL Club Victoria was seen on an internet auction site.  It is powered by a 292 with automatic transmission.  It has power steering.  Submitted by Arthur Ash III on 10/5/04.


39.  VIN 2E63G217373, Body 65A, Color V, Trim 39, Date 10E, DSO 15, Axle 9, Trans 5
Options: 406 with 3-2 barrell carb., ordered with 4.11:1 axle, tree is aftermarket option.
Comments: Found this one near Hamburg, PA in a grave yard where the towns people dropped their cars.  It is behind a vintage service station so old they originally built carriages there.  I happened upon the cars after spotting a 67,428 for sale and I went to visit the parts car.  Looking up I saw lots of metal and knew what I had found; Just too late.  This G code Galaxie donated tail lamp eyebrows, bell housing, a pair of rocker moldings and a 4.11 rear end to enable others to live on.  Submitted by Jim Holmes: 10/10/2004.


40.  VIN 2E67B213903, BODY 65B, COLOR X, TRIM 84, DATE 03E, DSO 25, AXLE 5, TRANS 5
Comments: I purchased this 62 XL new in 1962 and sold it in 1966 when I bought a new 66 XL. The 62 was sold to a friend who still owns it with 72,000 miles on the clock and in near perfect shape. I had done some mild customizing but the new owner has returned it to absolute factory specs. I still own the 66 I bought when I sold the 62.
The interior trim color is beige which I do not find in the information in the shop manual or supplement. It is located near Philadelphia.  Submitted by Jim Defries: 10/16/2004
Update 2/23/05  The first photo is the car as it appeared in 1964 when I owned it.  The second two are from about 1996 at a local cruise.  The car is still owned by the friend who bought it from me in 1966.  I had a ride to a cruise in this car just a few months ago. What a blast.

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